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pillar point

pillar point pillar point
[film, kodak ektar 100, nikon f3]

pillar point harbor, half moon bay, california.


looking forward

half moon bay
photo: lookout, pillar point harbor, half moon bay [instagram, iphone 4s]

happy monday! it's hard to believe it's already april!

it's been over a year since i quit my full-time job. and the switch to a freelance lifestyle was an awkward one, but i can't say i miss being stressed out [and in pain] because of work. and if anyone had told me at the time that a year later, i would be neck-deep into learning photography and asked to do photo shoots...well, i would not have believed a word. because just a year ago, i was still sitting here on my couch, moping and wishing my hand would heal miraculously and overnight so i could return to being an architect.

it's incredible how much time can heal and change. no matter how difficult it gets, as long as you don't give up and keep busy and trying, life can really turn itself around. i've stopped looking back or wishing things had happened differently. i have so much to look forward to now.

focusing on what's happening now. and looking forward. so important. i keep telling myself.