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mom life has taken over // it's been a struggle trying to create/maintain some sort of routine or schedule // thoroughly enjoying motherhood—its challenges and rewards, tears and joys...everything.

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lately | moments on film

[film, kodak portra 160, pentax k1000]

well, lately as in the past year. it took me over six months to finish this roll of film. i had dropped this camera on the ground last summer and thought this roll of film was lost, so i just set it aside and forgot about it. until recently.

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shadows and light

around the house

hello. it's a been a long time. 2013 crept up on me so quickly and quietly, i can hardly believe a third of january is gone.

so far this winter, i've been pretty ill, and spent the majority of it buried under layers of blankets and sweaters. the time off gave me a moment to reflect on the past year. a little soul searching made me feel productive.

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these moments

emeryville marina
[film, kodak ektar 100, nikon f3]

why i love film.

there's something about getting back a roll you shot and FORGOT about. looking through them. remembering that day, when you were feeling kinda shitty and your husband picked you up and dragged you out for a walk. and the sunset was so beautiful you remembered to breathe again.

i am grateful for all that i have.

have a wonderful weekend, everyone.


[a promise] letting it go

watching it go by
photo: watching it go by. danshui fisherman's wharf, taiwan [iphone 4s]

last week, i went on this roller coaster ride through extreme emotions that surprised even myself. i thought i was feeling better. instead, i found that the melancholy had been replaced by bitterness, and sometimes fury.

in a perfect world [for me], every person is kind, polite, and uncomplicated. sensitive and attentive to detail. sympathetic. and wise. instead of love or friendship or support, i was looking for the holy grail. i've been irritable, and i can't seem to let a single thing go. i pored over every word said to me, looking for their intent. perhaps i was looking for evidence that i was wronged somehow. an excuse to get really angry.

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staircase photo: staircase, santa monica [film, kodak portra 400, mamiya c330]

taking small steps to recovery // life isn't perfect but that's okay // we're going to cook more [and share photos] // can't stop buying cameras.


let it break

let it break
photo: week 7 [digital]

it's been a week since we got back from taiwan. it was a another long trip for us. 6 weeks, spent mostly in taiwan with family and to attend our [york's and mine] brothers' weddings, with a couple of detours to japan and hong kong.

it feels good to be back. home is a good place to be right now. to recover from this trip, which, without warning, broke our hearts.

i finally got around to checking my emails again. [progress!] for those friends who wrote, those wondering where i've been, thanks for thinking of me. i know i've been m.i.a. i really needed some time alone.

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friday 5.11

waiting photo: waiting [vsco cam, iphone 4s]

york and i are spending the month of may in taiwan, attending a couple of weddings. it's been raining quite a bit which makes photo-taking a challenge, but the rain has kept the weather mild, not too hot. [phew!]

hopefully in the next few weeks, we'll get to take a trip someplace beautiful and i'll have more photos to share. :)

music: alone but moving by here we go magic 

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santa monica

santa monica

happy friday! i have a pretty busy weekend coming up and i'm really looking forward to it.

last week, york and i made a trip down to LA. we stayed in santa monica, where he grew up. aside from visiting family, york had some business meetings to attend, so we stayed almost a week. while we were there, i did a photo shoot. yes! my first portrait shoot.

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shoe shoe shoe shoe
photo: 'balance' [photoaday w/lindafood, iphone 4, snapseed + instagram]

i've been busy with photography classes // continuing to work on a couple of different photo projects, including this new one, with a friend // obsessed with instagram, which has allowed me to get in touch with other photography enthusiasts and photographers [making new friends! :] // trying to study and [hopefully] pass another architecture exam before our upcoming trip in the spring // keeping up with my new year's resolutions, including seeing friends more and going out and exploring the east bay.

life has been good and keeps getting better. taking a moment to breathe and take it all in...

music: citizen by broken bells

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