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[a promise] letting it go

watching it go by
photo: watching it go by. danshui fisherman's wharf, taiwan [iphone 4s]

last week, i went on this roller coaster ride through extreme emotions that surprised even myself. i thought i was feeling better. instead, i found that the melancholy had been replaced by bitterness, and sometimes fury.

in a perfect world [for me], every person is kind, polite, and uncomplicated. sensitive and attentive to detail. sympathetic. and wise. instead of love or friendship or support, i was looking for the holy grail. i've been irritable, and i can't seem to let a single thing go. i pored over every word said to me, looking for their intent. perhaps i was looking for evidence that i was wronged somehow. an excuse to get really angry.

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friday 5.11

waiting photo: waiting [vsco cam, iphone 4s]

york and i are spending the month of may in taiwan, attending a couple of weddings. it's been raining quite a bit which makes photo-taking a challenge, but the rain has kept the weather mild, not too hot. [phew!]

hopefully in the next few weeks, we'll get to take a trip someplace beautiful and i'll have more photos to share. :)

music: alone but moving by here we go magic 

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photo: jaynjayn vs mamiya [film, tri-x 400, mamiya c330]

as a [permanent] result from my work injury, my right hand/arm is very weak, i can't make a fist without my hand getting shakey. this makes it very difficult for me to hold any camera still and this is especially a problem with the mamiya, a giant, and by giant i mean ginormous, and super heavy camera. so here i am testing it with a tripod. i have two tripods, i am considering always keeping one in the car, for my spur-of-the-moment sunset walks.


looking forward

half moon bay
photo: lookout, pillar point harbor, half moon bay [instagram, iphone 4s]

happy monday! it's hard to believe it's already april!

it's been over a year since i quit my full-time job. and the switch to a freelance lifestyle was an awkward one, but i can't say i miss being stressed out [and in pain] because of work. and if anyone had told me at the time that a year later, i would be neck-deep into learning photography and asked to do photo shoots...well, i would not have believed a word. because just a year ago, i was still sitting here on my couch, moping and wishing my hand would heal miraculously and overnight so i could return to being an architect.

it's incredible how much time can heal and change. no matter how difficult it gets, as long as you don't give up and keep busy and trying, life can really turn itself around. i've stopped looking back or wishing things had happened differently. i have so much to look forward to now.

focusing on what's happening now. and looking forward. so important. i keep telling myself.


oh, hello.

"paper" | 392 miles
photo: reading my favorite 'paper,' a kinfolk magazine. [photoday w/ lindafood, taken with iphone, using the timer]

i've been sooo busy this past week! york's cousin came to visit and we actually took a couple of days off from working and went snowboarding up in lake tahoe. we got really lucky with the snow conditions—there was NO SNOW up until this past weekend, and we waited for two storms to pass through before driving up sunday. we had two great [almost-powder] days up there and came home bruised and sore, but so happy.

music: heart skipped a beat by the xx

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jennyjayn365 | 52 weeks

jennyjayn365 | 52 weeks i started a new photography project. well, i actually started two. i decided to do another 365 project, where i take 1-2 photos a day and post it to flickr. i did this back in 2008. the only criteria was to take a photo a day, regardless of subject and media used. i was glad to have followed through and completed it, but the photos weren't amazing or anything. so this time i wanted to challenge myself to take better photos. all photos will be square format, taken with my iphone, and tell a story about my day, even if it's just me sitting on my couch looking bummed because i had stayed home all day [picture above].

Modern Man- Arcade Fire

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