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[all photos taken with iphone]

at our second craft club meeting, we voted to make cards. wedding season was coming up [this was back in march. sorry i'm so lame and forgot to post photos!] and everyone could use a good stack of birthday cards. :)

our friend pam hosted this meeting at her office [an architecture firm]. this was nice because we had access to large paper cutters and conference table with great lighting. we each brought our personal collection of art paper, supplies and tools and started cutting away!

jane said here and she was right, it took a lot longer than you would expect to make just one card. i walked away with just three after four hours of crafting! some of us even got a little carried away [and competitive :p] with our cards.

i may have said this before, but what's great about a craft club is the inspiration we get from being around each other. we each may already be artistic on our own, but the ideas you can get from other artsy, creative people are endless.

craft club has been on hold since i [one of the leaders] have been on vacation for a couple of months, but i'm pretty sure the other ladies, like myself, can't wait to get back into craftin'!

Reader Comments (2)

I also just recently discovered the joy of card making! The problem is, I can't bear to give them away :-). I also tend to take a while to make a single card because I get so finicky about embellishments.

06.28.2012 | Unregistered CommenterCatherine Shu

i know what you mean! i thought, how long could it take to make a card? an hour later, i'm still looking for more stuff to tack on. ;)

06.28.2012 | Registered Commenterjenny

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