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soup, anyone?

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my friend, jane, just launched a small business selling soup online. soup? you ask. yes, soup. but not just any soup, healing soup, the kind that helps new mothers heal from childbirth and also restores energy during the that critical period of recovery at the beginning of motherhood.

it's a chinese tradition for a woman to spend the first month after giving birth resting, healing and eating [very] well to support recovery. my mother did it. and so did her mother. and customarily, all mothers know the recipes for healing foods and are able to make these for their daughters when they give birth.

but times have changed. my own mother is a very busy career woman. she barely cooks for herself, so when the time comes, i doubt i could just yank her out of her office to come make me soup. also, how many moms still know these recipes? i'm guessing...fewer today.

for people like myself, mama tong soups is such a great idea, to make these traditional healing soups available to more people.

jane is a great chef and she has dedicated a lot of time and effort to study chinese medicine and herbs and their nutritional benefits in order to come up with these recipes. she is detail-oriented and takes pride in her work, and it really shows in her cooking. with such good intention starting this business, i hope someday she succeeds in bringing these amazing soups to grocery stores and make them available to everyone.

i had the pleasure of shooting jane's soups a couple of weeks ago. have a look at her yummy soups for yourself. :)

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