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lake merritt

lake merritt lake merritt lake merritt lake merritt
photos: walking path surrounding lake merritt, oakland [film, fuji acros 100, with the pentax]

ever since i stumbled into this new hobby/obsession—photography, york's had to put up with my wanting to go out every day, at a certain hour, just to take photos. he's been a good sport about it. he even carries my purse for me while i shoot. :)

what's great about this is that it forces us out of the house a few days a week to take walks. [trust me, we both need the exercise!] and also, getting to know the neighborhood we live in. we both used to work at full-time jobs in the city and, although we've lived on the east bay for a few years now, we never got a chance to explore the east bay.

with every week, we've been discovering new coffee shops, restaurants, parks and neighborhoods. or even rediscovering old places we've been to. it's always interesting to me how looking through the lens of a camera can provide such a new perspective of familiar things/surroundings.

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Saw you through Pei's Instagram stream and stumbled on your blog. Lovely work! Always happy to see another Bay Area photog-hobbyist. :)

03.31.2012 | Unregistered CommenterJacqueline

thank you, jacqueline! :)

04.2.2012 | Registered Commenterjenny

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