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a fresh start

"makes me smile" | 392 miles
photo: 'makes me smile' [photoday w/ lindafood, crossprocess + snapseed + instagram]

well. hello there, march 1st, i was not prepared for you at all, but you showed up anyway. ;)

last night, i went to my last photography class at the berkeley art studio. six weeks went by so fast!

my thoughts? the digital class was maybe a little too basic for me, but york brought up a good point, the class was necessary to confirm what i already knew. and it boosted my confidence, as a photographer. just a bit.

and i thought the black and white film photography class was just great. perfect timing, too, since i just got into film last summer, it was such a good idea to get in the darkroom and develop film. it confirmed one thing for me, i am just getting started on film photography, there's a lot to learn, and i'm not going to stop anytime soon.

although i thoroughly enjoyed these classes, i breathed a sigh of relief when i woke up this morning. it's nice to go into new month feeling a bit lighter and ready to work.

here's to a fresh start. *raise coffee mug* :)

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