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happy weekend!

filmore street sf

congratulations, everyone! you have [almost] made it through the first work week of 2012! exhausted from having to wake up before the sun? i get it. i've been totally keeping busy and tired all week. looking forward to the weekend? abso-totally.

i finally got another couple of rolls of film developed, and i ended up with a bunch of grain. both over/under-exposed photos. i'm not sure what happened. *sigh*

but this would only be the 3rd roll of film i've shot and i guess it's okay that i still don't quite grasp the concept. film photography is so frustrating and interesting at the same time. i'm totally hooked! so i'm not going to give up just because i ended up with a bunch of bad photos!

in the end, i was able to salvage some, and i admit there were a couple that required post-processing [i'll save my thoughts on editing film photos for another day]. i will start sharing some of them with you over the next few weeks, starting with this photo taken on fillmore street in san francisco.

enjoy your weekend and remember to find some way to unwind because we've got a long year ahead of us. ;)

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