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diy holiday cards

time: about 1 hour to make 40+ cards.
tools used: wine corks, stamp pads, bone paper folder, paper cutter, cardstock paper, envelopes.

diy holiday cards
1. first, i looked for things around the house i can use.

diy holiday cards
2. we have a vase full or wine corks, which i've been collecting, but haven't found a use/craft for.

diy holiday cards
3. i have a ton of these colorbox stamp pads, which i used to make our wedding invitations and paper goods.

diy holiday cards
4. also leftover from our wedding, these 4bar sized envelopes in chocolate and khaki. perfect!

diy holiday cards
5. i have TONS of 8 1/2" x 11" sheets of cardstock paper lying around [that's right, from our wedding]. for our holiday cards, i chose the paper source cover weight paper, in soft white. i also used a paper cutter [if you like to make your own cards and crafts, i highly recommend getting one] and a bone folding tool.

diy holiday cards
6. to begin making the card, i cut the 8 1/2" x 11" paper in half. then i folded each sheet in half using the paper folding stick, into a card.

diy holiday cards
7. then i trimmed each card to fit the envelope.

diy holiday cards
8. a 4bar envelope is about 5 1/8" x 3 5/8". so a 3" x 5" card would fit perfectly.

diy holiday cards
9. i decided to use the red and green stamp pads and the wine corks i found as stamps.

diy holiday cards
10. with the green stamp, i made a circle around the paper, centered. then with the red stamp, i added a little 'bow' on top to make a christmas wreath.

diy holiday cards
11. voila! 

diy holiday cards
12. each card is unique.

diy holiday cards
13. and it didn't take very long to make these special cards for all of our friends. :)

so, we finally got off our lazy butts this past weekend and made...holiday cards!

since we got back from thanksgiving, the cards and gifts from our friends have been rolling in one by one, piling onto our guilt. and we thought we could get away with it by not calling them or hanging out with them. we looked busy with our two-month trip to taiwan, and one-week vacation in los angeles. but they remembered us.

we have really nice friends. actually, they're awesome. and we owed it to them to make something thoughtful, and made with love. so here's what i came up with this year. inspired by this [because it's so simple], and this [for the burst of color].

friends, i hope you enjoy our cards as we enjoyed making them for you!

Reader Comments (4)

I just got mine (or, ours). Super cute!

Brilliant!! We got ours! Thank you!

yay! glad you guys liked it. :)

12.24.2011 | Registered Commenterjenny

i loved mine <3

01.3.2012 | Unregistered Commenterinee

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