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i want to write again.

it's been a while since i sat down in front of my computer and wrote something. i miss it. these days, i don’t have a ton of time, between chasing after a baby who is learning to crawl, making homemade applesauce, and trying to catch a few snoozes in between dishes, laundry, and picking up smashed up blueberries and cereal puffs from the ground. but, i would like to start making time for it.

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blue heron bridge

blue heron bridge blue heron bridge blue heron bridge

a few more photos from our boston trip. because it doesn't snow where we are, at the first sight of snow, i just want to run outside, touch it, walk in it, and take it all in. our boston cousins were not as excited about it. :p

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familyfamily family family

we took a quick trip to boston last month to visit our cousin, who had her second baby. it was during a snowstorm. we stayed indoors mostly. it was a quiet, or, as quiet as can be with three kids under 2, and relaxing few days with family,  homemade dinners, walks in the snow, music class, and the winter olympics after the kids went to bed.

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this guy

8 months month 5-8-tag

8 months old and teething!

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five months

5 months 1-4 months

boba is 5 months old. crazy, right? i can hardly believe it—where has the time gone?

i know it's been awfully quiet around here. motherhood is incredible. it's definitely taken over my life and all of my time. it's the hardest job i've ever had, but also the most rewarding. i don't take nearly as many photos of the little guy as i should, which is completely weird, i know, being a photographer and all. i try to do these monthly photos at least, and it's amazing to look back and see how fast and big he grew. where did my tiny baby go? but, of course, it's great. he's at such a fun age right now—something i'm sure i will keep repeating—i can't get enough of his smiles and giggles!

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mom life has taken over // it's been a struggle trying to create/maintain some sort of routine or schedule // thoroughly enjoying motherhood—its challenges and rewards, tears and joys...everything.

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he's here | 39+ weeks

39 weeks 1 month 7-14 weeks 15-18 weeks 20-23 weeks 25-29 weeks 31-34 weeks weeks 35-38 39+ weeks

last month, our baby boy arrived two days early. he's long and lean, with a big appetite, an even bigger personality, and powerful lungs. ;)

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counting down | 38 weeks

38 weeks 7-14 weeks 15-18 weeks 20-23 weeks 25-29 weeks 31-34 weeks weeks 35-38

with less than two weeks left, tons of thoughts have been racing through my head lately. a recurring one being: can we really do this?

i mean, we can, of course. we're responsible adults. we love kids. most friends tell us we'll make good parents. but diapering, swaddling, rocking, and soothing a baby, that's not the part i'm [most] worried about. but, simply, am i ready for everything to change? there's a long list of things we will probably have to give up very, very soon. privacy, for one. [it's lovely when friends tell you to say goodbye to peeing alone, by the way.] date nights. dining out. road trips. sleep.

and also, my job. my blog. life as i know it. [!!!]

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ad hoc

ad hoc brunch ad hoc brunch

we've been meaning to try ad hoc for years, ever since the first time our friends told us about their fried chicken. as you might know, york and i like to fry and eat fried foods, and chicken is at the top of that list. ;)

so, as our last pre-baby date, we tried their sunday brunch, and it did not disappoint. a three-course menu, served family style, which included the long-anticipated fried chicken. the restaurant interior felt effortless, unpretentious, and very much about food and nothing else. it was definitely a nice way to spend sunday morning, relaxed, as we ease into the last month, the final stretch, before little boba arrives.

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a mini road trip

road trip road trip

our last trip to visit family in LA was in april. york and i thought it would be fun on the return trip home to take our time by going the coastal route via highway 1 and visit hearst castle along the way—kinda like a mini road trip/babymoon. in the end, york's mom asked to tag along, so it didn't exactly turn out to be a romantic weekend getaway but still a nice little trip to have taken, as our traveling days are numbered. for now.

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